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— A concubine is exiled from the Shogun’s harem after she is found guilty of having tried to smuggle a kabuki dancer into the palace for the purpose of an illicit affair. Another concubine believes she has been framed and keeps investigating.
—The era of Tokugawa Yashiro General Yoshimune. One day, a spell with an actor named Mononokei was delivered to Oyu Oyu – sen and Fujio address. The interrogation of Tsunehiro Yano started quickly and it was that Fujio did not remember himself, but he kept himself in the fortresses and served Fujio became a disposition of the expulsion of Edo Castle. And Takegawa was appointed to succeed Fujio, so that Takegawa worked for himself as a fairyteller of Yoshimune. On the other hand, Oya Ose and Osechi, who were under Fujio, were struggling to find out who was trying to fall into Fujio with this one case. A few days later, I heard that it was “a maid with a large mole at the left internal thigh” that I was trying to oppose the crestation from Isao Narushima who protects the entrance to Ooku. I promptly notified of that information quickly. One day, a beautiful laden offering was presented from the lords of the countries, Yoshimune liked the blonde girls’ sister very much, and cute as every evening. However, Osechi who was serving Sally got stuck in the eyes of Yoshimune. There was a fiance, Shinjiro, but Yoshimune did not forgive him, and invited midforced forcuses to a fair. However, when Yoshimune finds a hook in the crotch of falsehood, he said that there is a hook in the same place. I could understand all of the truth. Fujio’s name was restricted only to be quiet, it was what Takegawa and Yano had organized. Still surprisingly it was surprising that Sally was brought into Ooku for old Fujio’s investigation from old age. Eventually Fujio returned to Oku, and Oshito Shinjiro was supposed to have a house to see. …
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