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Christy Love is stranded. Her car has died on her and she's walking to the closest house hoping that there's someone inside that can help her. When Christy knocks on the door, Zoey Monroe is in her living room reading a book. Zoey invites her in, tells her she'll go get her phone for her. As Christy waits in the living room, she starts getting bored, pulls up her skirt and starts playing with her pussy. Alina Lopez is relaxing on her bed when her friend, Jade Baker, appears with a big grin on her face. Jade needs Alina's help with making a viral video! She wants to show the world Alina's freakishly long tongue. After asking Alina to lick her nipples, Jade asks if Alina can lick HER nipples. Even if Alina is not gay like Jade, she did it for the views. Lena Anderson knocks on her boyfriend's door. His stepmom Christie Stevens answers, introducing herself. When Christie invites Lena in, her eyes go wide as she checks out the stunning woman her son is dating. Later, while her boyfriend is busy, Lena joins Christie in her boyfriend's room for an intimate moment.
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13 мая 2021 19:34

я так люблю лизать

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