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Eva Deauville (Joanna Storm) is the publisher of a national women's magazine, and she has given herself a difficult assignment. For her February Valentine's Day issue, she wants to feature more than just a "Hunk Of The Month". She has decided that she needs a very special man to fill those pages and to satisfy her female readers' fantasies. She is looking for "Mr. Goodsex.Her search takes her from coast-to-coast, and she finally ends up in California where the most gorgeous men are said to line. She and her over sexed assistant, Melanie (Taija Rae) are prepared to conduct in-depth interviews with any likely candidates. First, they visit Miles Palmer (Buck Adams), an actors' agent, who introduces them to some local talent. But when they inform the applicants that there will be a national tour and some nude centerfold spreads, one of them immediately chickens out. The other two give Melanie some couch-coaxing, hoping to sway her vote, but no dice. Eva wants a Man, and the two surfer types are too young. She wants her 'Mr. Goodsex' seasoned like fine wine. Later they go to a female photographer's studio to look at some photos of other male models.
During this whole adventure, Eva is plagued with dreams about her own fantasy of 'Mr. Right,' and she catches a glimpse of him in one of the photographer's slides. The search narrows as her dream man is rumored to frequent some local bars. Melanie and Eva domb the fleshpots of Beverly Hills looking for their 'Super Stud'. They discover many other likely contenders, but not their Mr. Goodsex'. Eva almost gives up her search when…

Ева Дайвиль - редактор популярного женского журнала. Она поставила перед собой новое задание: ко дню всех влюбленных вручить премию "перец года". Для этого она занялась поиском того человека, который смог бы удовлетворить все порождённые ее буйной фантазией прихоти...
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