Sexy Anais, a tattooed babe with short auburn hair, is relaxing on her bed in a cute floral cami and panties, checking her phone. Riya, her lesbian lover, flashes her hot ass in a short silk robe as she searches through a chest of drawers. She finds a coil of bondage rope and drops it on the bedsheets, triggering Anais’s kinky instinct to dominate.

Smiling, Anais stands behind her girlfriend and teases her with the rope, before laying her back on the bed with her wrists bound to the frame. Next, she unfastens the robe to reveal Riya’s small, perfect breasts, and nuzzles her beautiful body. She rubs the submissive’s crotch through her little black thong and yanks it aside. Her fingers get busy, then she treats herself to a taste of Riya’s shaved pussy.

With her girlfriend wet, ready and squirming in her bonds, Anais fetches a curved blue vibrator from the goody drawer and buzzes Riya’s clit. The thong is stripped off and Anais removes her cami to bare large breasts, then grinds the toy against Riya’s pink and inserts it in her snatch. Rhythmically, Anais plows and stirs it while kissing and caressing Riya all over.

Unable to resist, Anais tongues Riya’s clit, with the vibe buried deep to add a horny tingle. The duo shares a juicy kiss, then Anais peels off her own panties and tosses the toy aside. They scissor, with Anais's full tits bouncing as they mash their hairless slits together, before she brings a moaning Riya to orgasm with her fingers.

Now it’s the Domme’s turn to cum. Anais straddles Riya’s face, whimpering as she is licked and sucked. She loses herself in ecstasy but keeps control, grabbing Riya by the hair to guide her tongue. She cums hard, arching her body as she bucks against her lover’s mouth. Finally, with the mission for mutual satisfaction accomplished, Riya pulls free and the two girls lie on the bed, sharing affectionate kisses and caresses.
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