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Adira has a reputation for sl--ping with her students. When she hires two students to take care of her yard they do their best not to be perverts, but it's just so hard when Ms. Allure struts outside in an itty bitty bikini to sunbathe.

Ashley has been tutoring Tony in math and he's about to take his final. Ashley confesses that Tony is her favorite student and that she got him a going away gift. Ashely has seen the way Tony looks and decided to give him permission to touch.

Kit's male students are constantly staring at her. She asks a friend's son why the boys gape at her. He tries to play dumv, but Kit can see that he's got a hard on. Kut tries to feel guilty but really she's intrigued b the size of his erection.

Silvia is always horny, but as a teacher, she has to be professional. During an in-home tutoring session with two students, she breaks. She's heard that they are both very well endowed and wants to measure their dicks to see if the rumors are true.
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