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Aria Valencia is making toast in the kitchen when her stepbrother, Joshua Lewis, joins her to check his hot new stepsister out. They're chatting as the toast pops, but when Aria takes it out of the toaster, she burns herself. Joshua goes ahead and takes the toast out for her and comments that it's not that hot. Aria tells him about her sensory thing, where she feels everything so much more powerfully than normal. She also shares that it's not all bad: When she has sex, she cums so fucking hard. That just gives Joshua even more ammo to be lusting over her. Later, Aria is in the living room watching TV when Joshua sits down beside her. Aria confronts him that ever since she shared about her sensitivity Joshua has been watching her a little differently. Joshua admits that he can't get it out of his mind, which leads Aria to tell him that she's always been super curious about how his dick would feel inside of her. Joshua isn't about to put up too much of a fight about that kind of proposition! Reaching out, Joshua lets Aria guide him to put his hand on her pussy through her shorts. She's plenty vocal, telling him she wants it harder and faster. When Aria offers Joshua her plump little boobies to play with, he lets her call the shots of how to knead and pinch and lick those lovely titties, too.

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