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Welcome to Cockwarts, where magic still exists and resisidents get to experience all the best of world. To begin our tale, a seductive and sexy magician, Alyssa Reece, introduces herself to Lutro, a man sitting solo at the pub. The witchy wonder makes the rest of the patrons disappears before enjoying Lutro's long wand.

Leanne Lace is lost in a mighty forest when she happens upon drifter Adam Essex. The mysterious man invites Leanne into his tent, and after debating whether or not she should enter, she goes for it, finding that Adam's lap is a great place to rest her pussy after a long hike.

When Stacy Bloom wanders into an old antique shop, she isn't expecting to find much, and she certainly isn't intending to break a centuries long curse that allows an old man (Fiat Lux) to get his youth and manhood back. After receiving a kiss, the man morphs into a younger version of himself (Josh) and gives Stacy steamy sex to remember.

Thomas Stone isn't sure about his virginal blind date, Teresa. She's pretty but plain and he's looking for some hot sex. Thomas is floored when Teresa (Cherry Kiss) disappears into the restroom only to reappear as a gorgeous, sex bomb. She tantalizes Thomas before taking his cock like a pro. Magic abounds!
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