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Daughter Cum and Tax Refunds get these stepdads thinking about spending the cash on some hookers, but stepdaughters Daphne Dare and Lana Sharapova offer up their own teen bodies!
The Pussy Before Prison Provision Audrey Royal and Lilly Hall learn that their stepdads will be going to jail and decide to give the guys a teen pussy sendoff so they'll have something to jerk off to while in the can!
The Sleepover Switch-Up Jenna Reid and Elizabeth Jolie are having a sleepover but when they get cold and lonely during the night, only their stepdads' hard cocks can warm them up!
You Fuck My Dad and I'll Revenge Fuck Yours Cameron Minx learns that Avery Moon is fucking her stepdad. Cameron decides to revenge fuck Avery's stepdad but when they're caught in the act, the party really gets going!
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