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Cute brunette Lenna Ross and her curvaceous blonde girlfriend Stella Cardo caress each other sensuously, as Andrej Lupin’s hot lesbian movie "Back Together Again" begins. Both dressed in simple white lingerie, they kiss passionately, hands exploring. Lenna strokes Stella’s pussy inside her white cotton panties, giving her a powerful orgasm; Stella is eager to repay the favor, fingering Lenna to a blissful climax before they both get naked. Drizzling oil over their gorgeous bodies, they press their slippery breasts together, squeezing and massaging. Lenna grinds on Stella’s thigh as she lavishes attention on her beautiful big breasts, climaxing again, then moves into spoons to frig her voluptuous lover with slick fingers. Breasts jiggling, Stella trembles through another overwhelming orgasm. When she’s caught her breath, she goes down to eat Lenna’s oily pussy, lapping at her clit voraciously to drive her wild.
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