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Let Playboy take you where you've never gone before with this daring look at what really goes on inside the ladies' locker room!
It's where the girls are - and you, too - as ten of your favorite Playmates star in sexy adventures drenched with fun.
You'll get into the action as the Playmates don sexy sweats for pulsation aerobics and a locker room cool down you just have to see to believe.
Then, get pumped up with excitement on Venice's Muscle Beach where it's survival of the fittest and finest, followed by a sensual shower sequence sure to fog up yourscreen. Next, it's sink or swim for a trio of college men who get caught peeking into the girls' shower and end up... well, all wet! And, experience the locker room of years to come in a futuristic fantasy of luxurious leather and luscious liquid. In these and many more tempting sequences, the locker room's never looked better or wetter. Plus, you'll follow our beauties through desert storms and arctic ice to seductive suds and erotic rain in a varienty of additional vignettes.
It's good clean fun... and then some... in this sensational celebration that's as wet and wid as it gets!
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